We're always searching for that ever elusive perfect backroad with the magical curves and awesome views. Here is a small sampling of some of the ones we have come across.

  Imagine miles of this with as much traffic as you see here. East Texas is a big empty place with lots of great roads.

  A typical East Texas Farm-to-Market road through one of the many National Forests.

  After five hours of this, anyone will be tired. But imagine only seeing one other bike and a truck in all that time?!

  No this is not another planet. It is Bryce Canyon in Utah. Hit it at the right time of year and it is a blast, the wrong time and it is a parking lot.

  Utah has it all. Here you'll find some of the wildest scenery, curviest roads and the straightest roads. Don't like the current scenery? Wait a few miles and see what turns up!

  Forty miles of this and not a single stop sign or traffic light.

  Heading to Taos in Northern New Mexico.

  Overlooking the headwaters of the Rio Grande River.

  You want a challenge? How about thin air up to 14000 feet, sheer drops and hairpin turns with gravel? Tough enough for you? It's worth every bit of effort it takes just for the view at the top.

  Up for a swim? The wind is howling and it is cold. The water is crystal clear and inviting but will make you purple inside a few minutes.

  Driving on top of the world. Keep your eye on the road!

  The perfect place to listen to your fancy aftermarket exhaust!

  Just a few minutes and the slow poke with the camper will be gone. Then it's all yours...

  A perfect place to practice holding a line through a curve. Apparently, the lead car needs practice!

  One of the straighter sections of the infamous Deals Gap in North Carolina.

  A relaxing view after a spirited run down from the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

  A typical morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  The place to meet people, kick tires and tell lies!

  Richard glides through the Gap on his Triumph Sprint ST.

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