What are the differences between Day ride, Rallies, and Tours?

Day rides will almost always start/end in Huntsville from our home. They are usually free and there is no limit on attendance. The tours are limited to ten people, the cost includes hotels, and there is usually a 30 day registration cut off date. These are guided rides. A rally has no limit on attendance, the price is for registration only and does not include hotel fees, and the ride is not guided. However, there will be route sheets and maps handed out with recommended routes. Rally participants are responsible for their own lodging but there is usually a base hotel where we all meet for ride starts.

  Do I need insurance or will you provide it for me?

Most states have a minimum liability requirement. You are expected to have current insurance and will be required to provide proof of insurance at the time you sign up for a ride. You may also want to get travel insurance for the duration of the trip.

  I have lots of riding experience, do I still need a motorcycle license?

Yes. There are no exceptions to this requirement. You must show proof of a valid motorcycle license from your home state.

  What kind of riding gear should I bring?

Other than being required to wear a helmet, you are free to decide what to wear. However, it is highly recommended that you consider wearing a jacket (denim, leather or textile), gloves and boots that cover the ankles. During summer months, full leathers or full textile suits can get quite hot if they do not vent very well.

  Is there anything I need to do to my bike before using it for an event?

The tours may range from 300 miles to 3000 miles depending on which one you chose. You should ensure that your bike has adequate tire life left, good brakes and topped off coolant. If you are nearing an oil change, you might want to consider having it done prior to the trip. A flat tire repair kit is a good idea as well.

  What is the average mileage for each day?

For tours, the average day will be about 250 miles. This allows plenty of time for stops. It also gets us to each day's destination early enough for everyone to freshen up before dinner. Also, it gives everyone time to visit with each other during the evening to recount the day's riding and to get to know each other. Some of the day rides and rallies may reach 400-450 miles per day but more typically are around 300-350 miles per day. There are always plenty of places where riders can cut the routes short while still having a good time.

  If I want to ride farther than the rest of the group, can I ride extra miles?

You are free to ride alone or with the group as you prefer. Alternate routes are available. If you will be getting in later than about 7:00pm, we ask that you contact us to let us know you are on your way and that everything is okay. If you have a cell phone or pager, it might be a good idea to give us your numbers in case we need to contact you.

  What are the speed limits and are they enforced?

Highway speed limits vary depending on the area we are riding. All riders are responsible for the safe and legal operation of their own bikes. As such, all riders are soley responsible for any fines related to the operation of their bikes. We will endeavor to warn our riders of any areas known to be heavily patrolled.

  Do I have to wear a helmet even if the State law does not require it?


  Can you provide a bike or help with rentals?

If you tell us what kind of bike you are looking for, we will do everything we can to get one for you.

  What kind of riding will we be doing?

The riding will vary greatly depending on the event. For specific descriptions of the kinds of roads and terrain to be expected, please see the individual event descriptions.

  Do you have a chase vehicle?

We do not provide a chase vehicle for all events. However, there will be times that we do provide this service. Check the specific event you are interested in attending for more details.

  Is there a minimum or maximum number of riders per event?

We require a minimum of six PEOPLE on the tours. The maximum is ten PEOPLE. We do not base it on the number of bikes. There are several reasons for this. First is the limited capacity of many of the places where we will be staying. Also, groups larger than ten make it harder for everyone to have a chance to get to know each other. Our experience has been that this is often a significant part of the trip and many times lasting friendships are made. For the Day Rides and Rallies, there is no limit on the number of participants.

  What happens if we hit bad weather?

Every rider knows that the weather is always uncertain. Unless the conditions are dangerous, the ride will continue. You are expected to bring appropriate rain gear.

  How can I get my bike there?

The best choice is to ride here ;-) However, we realize that there are often time constraints. If needed, we will try to assist you in arranging transport of your bike to and from the start and end point of the event. Any transport fees are NOT included in the price of the event.

  Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes. We do not share, sell or give away ANY of your information. All of your information will be kept by us for use in planning the trips, billing, etc,... The only exceptions will be for court orders requiring us to divulge information to Law enforcement personnel and for those cases where it may be required for making reservations relevant to the event.

  When do I need to pay?

For tours, unless stated otherwise in the specific event details, payment in full is required at least thirty-one (31) days prior to the event start date. A slot will NOT be reserved for you until you make full payment. Day rides are generally non-fee events. For rallies, you can pay and register the morning of each day of riding. You can ride one or all of the days. This allows people more flexibility if they cannot attend for the full duration of a rally event.

  I need to cancel, can I get a refund?

For tours, If you cancel more than forty-five (45) days in advance, the tour price will be refunded minus a $25 administrative fee. If you cancel between forty-five (45) and thirty-one (31) days, you will recieve a 50% refund of the tour price. If you cancel within thirty (30) days, there is no refund. We recommend Trip Cancellation Insurance. If you prepay for a rally event, you can get a full refund up to the morning of the event.

  What is expected of me as a rider?

As the operator of a motor vehicle, you are expected to comply with all applicable laws relating to the operation of your vehicle. YOU are responsible for evaluating the safe operation of your vehicle based on the prevailing road and weather conditions. We strongly discourage reckless riding. We firmly believe that as riders, we are ambassadors of our sport and how we treat other vehicles on the roads will reflect on all riders. If you are into smoking burnouts, blasting music from your onboard speakers in hotel parking lots, passing while approaching blind curves, or other basically obnoxious behavior, please don't bother to sign up for our events. Many of the towns we will be visiting are known for their quiet and peaceful environments, we do not want to spoil that atmosphere. If you have straight pipes on your bikes, leave them at home.

Dinking alcohol is not allowed during the day until after the ride. No exceptions! Violation will result in the cancellation of the remainder of the tour WITHOUT a refund. You will be responsible for making arrangements to get you and your bike home.

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