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   When I decided to travel in Texas on my bike as a break from the winter snow and sleet here in Toronto, I could have spent hours on end trying to figure out the most exciting roads to take and places to visit, or..., call upon a knowledgeable, passionate rider and a bike tour guide extraordinaire, Scott Friday, to build a custom personalized itinerary for my use in exploring Texas. I'm pleased that I did the latter.
  The result was an incredible trip that was made of a satisfying jaunt through the fantastic twisties in and around the Texas Hill Country area, with visits to major metropolitan areas like Austin, as well as an off road journey that was a real eye opener when it comes to getting to know Texas and its people.
  I simply couldn't have planned it as well myself, no matter how much digging and general response I would have gotten from various web communities. Scott was also in-tune with my riding limits, general interests, the type of motorcycle I ride and most importantly, my special love for good old Texan BBQ. I had lots of it!
  Highly recommended!
-- Shy Alter, Toronto, Canada. Jan 2005.

   I have the fortunate luck of being based in the same town as BMT. This has given me the opportunity to ride with a small group up through the National Forest or around the back roads of East Texas. Being a newbie, this has allowed me to watch other riders as they maneuver through curves and handle themselves with ease. I never feel the pressure to keep up so I don't get over my head. The riders always give each other plenty of breathing room. Scott takes into consideration the different levels of riders and caters to each & every one of them. For example, he may allow faster riders to go on ahead to enjoy an exceptional road --always instructing them to stop at a certain spot to wait for the rest of the group. He makes sure to always wait when coming to a fork in the road or turning off onto another road for the riders who have lagged behind. There are always plenty of stops for gas or food which allows you to stretch out and get off the bike. My BMT experiences have actually helped me to improve my riding. I am looking forward to taking many other rides with them and learning more as I go.
-- Debbie McMullen, Huntsville, Tx., Aug. 2004

   Prior to touring with Scott, my group riding experiences had usually been less than ideal. The other riders often seemed more interested in what amounted to informal road racing rather than enjoying a friendly ride. Then last September, while riding with Scott and a few others in Arkansas, I was treated to a whole new kind of group riding. First of all, the roads turned out to be the very best that I've ever experienced in all my years of riding, and I probably would never have found them if left to my own devices. We hit one stretch that went on for miles and consisted of nothing but continuous, smoothly banked, sweeping curves with nearly perfect pavement. Being that this particular group consisted mostly of more experienced riders a fast but sane pace was maintained, and it made me realize that my own skills could use some improvement. On the second day of the ride I decided to work harder at trying some of the techniques that I had observed Scott and the other guys talking about and utilizing the day before, primarily late apexing. Ever since that trip, I now feel more relaxed and in better control of the bike when taking unknown corners. I've also become much more comfortable with group riding in general and see the fun and benefits that it can offer when it's done right.
Thank you, Scott!
-- Paul Massie, Houston, Tx. Jan 2004.

   The newbie ride was my first big group ride. I have been riding street bikes for 21 years, but mostly commuting and such. I have ridden with a few friends on occasion, but had never done a true group ride. It was one of the best weekends of motorcycle riding I have ever had! What a blast. It was exciting, educational and challenging. One of my concerns before the ride was whether or not I could keep up with the group. I needn't have worried as Scott would wait up for the group to re-form at logical points. So if the group got going faster than I was comfortable, I could keep my own pace and not worry about getting left behind. Great ride, great group, great job leading the group Scott! I will definitely do another ride as soon as I can.
-- Mark Eggers, The Woodlands, Tx., July 2003
[We lost our friend Mark to a tragic accident November 5th, 2003. He will be greatly missed.]

   Being from Europe I'm used to twisties and crave them here in the US. Where I live in Texas, there isn't much in the way of mountains and hills to keep the adrenalin pumping. Joining Scott on his Memorial Day weekend tour of Arkansas was a Hoot. 1100 miles of fun roads and almost no other traffic. The routes were well researched and picturesque with alternative detours that spun off the longest route to allow for a shorter route should the weather reduce the riding range. It also allowed riders to 'bunk out' when they had had enough, providing a short return to base. There was time to stop for photo's, refreshments and Scott also knew when everyone had to refuel, some towns we passed through had none! One day we did 420 miles, and it didn't feel like it. That days ride was awesome, it was like riding in the Black Forest area near Munich in Germany. To try and do 1100 miles in three days off your own back in Arkansas without the local knowledge Scott has would not have produced such a memorable riding experience, as the maps don't tell half the story. I'd recommend any one who enjoys riding and wants a well organized ride/tour in a scenic part of the country to give Scott's Back Road Motorcycle Tours a try. I'll be back.
-- Andy Walker, Fort Worth TX (Formally native of 'The Cotswolds' in the UK) May 2003

  The Memorial Day weekend in Arkansas was my first tour ride. Scott's web page prepared me for the do's and don'ts but nothing could have prepared me for the rush I experienced during those two short days. Scott's excellent selection of back road twisties and scenic stops were perfect. Many times I was disappointed we had to stop for gas. I ride a Yamaha 1100 Virago cruiser and never once did I feel over whelmed by the challenge of the route Scott had selected. The roads, lodging, beautiful scenery and great company made for a wonderful experience which I plan to repeat several more times. [Which Bill has already recently done several times!]
-- Bill Joye, Arlington, Tx., May 2003

  My 2400 mile week-long trip through Colorado with Scott was the first real street riding I had ever done. My prior riding experience was limited to a couple of months of urban commuting and several years of roadracing, and I never thought I'd enjoy a motorcycle road trip as much as I did. I rode a Ducati 748 on the trip, and the routes Scott planned gave plenty of opportunity to enjoy it. I'll never forget riding over those twisting mountain passes, riding through pale geen corridors of shaking aspens and alongside rushing streams- it was some of the most fun I've had on a motorcycle. In places you can actually smell the scenery change. All over the state, Scott mapped out great routes and knew of fantastic out of the way places to stop for lunch. For me the bottom line is this, Colorado offers an incredible array of experience, on the bike and off, but you've got to know where they are, and Scott's got the experience and planning talent to point you towards them.
-- Aaron Didier, Lubbock, Tx., June 2002

  I've been riding for twenty years, but I have rarely enjoyed that riding as much as I do when I ride with Scott. It is fun to wander aimlessly around by myself but to really find the great roads it helps to have someone lead the way. It's just a bonus that at the end of the day you know your accomodations are taken care of. I've ridden with him to Hodges Gardens, in Arkansas, in Colorado, in the Texas Hill Country, and in the East Texas Piney Woods. All of the rides were exciting and memorable and I would love to do any of them again. Scott finds great roads, good accomodations and scenic, interesting destinations. The pace of the riding is well tailored to the riders and can be invigorating or relaxed, but always safe and fun.
-- Brian Jones, Cedar Hill, Tx., June 2002

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